Recent pubs!

So far this year I’ve received 10 poetry acceptances.  This matches my 2019 total and it’s only July.  I’ve been in a bit of a poetic dry spell creatively, focusing instead of the comic book, fiction and even collaborating with Carmin on a children’s book.  I have a few dozen submissions active, as I’ve been going HAM on Submittable, so I might get a couple more just coasting.

Easily the oddest acceptance was from Alternating Current, which accepted a poem I submitted in February of 2019.  We’ve all got those dead submissions just sitting forever at the bottom of our Submittable list.  Eventually they can lurch back to life, apparently.  It reminds me of the time I got an offer to interview for a job I applied for two years before. Some college in Texas when I was throwing everything against the wall to see what stuck.  In the meantime I’d started my job at IUSB and been living in South Bend for 18 months.  Turning down the offer felt really, really, good.  To do the rejecting for a change. Granted, it wasn’t turning down a job offer, but at least I got to be the one telling a library no thanks after that awful, grinding, depressing job hunt that followed graduate school.

No one else had taken this poem, though.  It’s found a home.

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