Oklahoma Day 4

There is a statue downtown, in front of the bank. A little girl, her arms at her sides and hands balled into fists. Her head his thrown back and her mouth open. A plaque says the sculture is called “The Raincatcher,” and captures the bliss of a child drinking rain. She doesn’t look blissful though. She looks like she’s screaming at God. Her scream is mute, and eternal. It is thought that the deep red sky of Munch’s The Scream is a repersentation of the brilliant European sunsets that followed the 1883 eruption of the Indonesian island of Krakatoa. The eruption was the loudest sound in recorded history. It circled the world three times. Sailors 10 miles away were deafened. In Perth, Australia, people thought ships in the harbor were fring canons. But by the time it reached Norway? Barely a whisper. The scream had already gone silent.

There is also a statue of a young boy with a baseball glove about to catch a fly ball.

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